Photo gallery – Carleton University still has unsafe areas for students

December 1, 2009

Story and photos by Teghan Beaudette

Lockers in Loeb building

Rows of lockers in the basement of the Loeb building on campus are poorly lit even during the day. With low student traffic in the area and the absence of emergency telephones or consistent monitoring, the quiet location inspires uneasiness.

Kimalee Phillip, the president of the Graduate Students Association at Carleton University, has been advocating for a sexual assault center on the Carleton campus—something that administration has been stalling on for over two years.

Since a highly publicized sexual assault on the Carleton University campus in 2007, the university has spent over $1.6 million on emergency phones, cameras and lights.

Phillip took Hartwells staff on a walking tour of the campus—showing some of the changes that have been made to increase the physical safety of students on campus and some areas that remain unmonitored, poorly lit and continue to worry students who have to navigate through those areas, especially at night.

Phillip stressed that while additional lights, cameras and emergency phones contribute to feelings of safety on campus, they do not address the larger issues surrounding attitudes towards sexual assault of women. Further, she said, sexual assault is much more likely to be perpetrated by someone familiar to the victim—so these types of measures only address a fraction of the issue.

A sexual assault centre on campus is a critical step in addressing violence against women, especially those on Carleton’s campus, added Phillip.

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Watch the forecast: winter parking restrictions begin

December 1, 2009

Ottawa residents who park on the street will need to keep a close eye on the forecast.

The city’s winter overnight parking regulations are now in effect.

That means, unless vehicle owners have a municipal on-street parking permit, street parking is now prohibited between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. whenever Environment Canada forecasts a snowfall of seven centimetres or more. That will allow the city’s snow-clearing crews to plough the streets.

You can sign up to receive e-mail or Twitter notifications of overnight parking restrictions here.

Gas blast causes evacuation of Gatineau buildings

December 1, 2009

Almost 5,000 workers were evacuated from three buildings at Terrasses de la Chaudière in downtown Hull after a pipe carrying refrigerant gas burst early Tuesday morning.

Police said 10 Wellington St. and 1 Promenade du Portage would be reopened around 10 a.m. The offices at 25 Eddy St. were to remain closed for longer.

No one was injured in the blast.

Police said a maintenance worker accidentally caused the leak.

Two years after student vote, Carleton to consider centre for sexual assault

December 1, 2009

Students were asked to 'air out their dirty laundry' at a sexual assault task force meeting last month. Four of the students who wrote on clothing at the meeting said they had been sexually assaulted by someone who still goes to school at Carleton. Photo courtesy of Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre.

By Kim Mackrael

After two years of student lobbying, Carleton University says it is prepared to consider a proposal for the creation of a sexual assault centre on campus.

“The sexual assault centre has always been a possibility,” Carleton president Roseann Runte said in an email Monday.

But Runte’s statement contrasts with what student groups have characterized as strong resistance to the centre on the grounds that it could be bad publicity for the school.

“I cannot emphasize enough how much of a shift this is from [the administrations’] previous attitude that the centre was just not going to happen,” said Julie Lalonde, co-founder of the Coalition for a Sexual Assault Centre.

Runte’s comments came one week after the university’s equity services department posted a notice on its website asking for student feedback on the school’s sexual assault services and stating that a student-run sexual assault centre “will be included in our review“ of services.

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Flu vaccinations: How many do you need?

November 24, 2009

By Britt Harvey

Juliana Pari administers the H1N1 vaccine to a patient. Photo: Kim Mackrael

As he waited outside Tom Brown arena for his H1N1 vaccine, Lloyd Greene smoked a cigarette and stomped his feet impatiently.

“I just hate waiting,” he said. “I’m an impatient man.”

The 68-year-old thought that his H1N1 vaccine would be enough to keep him in good health all winter long. But Greene may need to wait in line for a second flu shot this year.

Dr. Earl Brown, a University of Ottawa virologist, stressed that since the H1N1 vaccination does not guard against the seasonal flu, Ottawans should be prepared to get both shots.

“The H1N1 vaccine does not give you much protection against the seasonal flu. It is not something that you should count on,” he said. “The H1N1 high risk groups are the young, with the seasonal flu it is the 65 and over that are in more danger of dying.” Read the rest of this entry »

Carleton students speak in favour of sexual assault centre

November 10, 2009

moore-assaultA young woman visibly fought back tears as she told a crowd of people about how she was sexually assaulted last April.

“I am one of those women who has been raped,” she said. “It was off-campus, but it was a friend that I met at Carleton [University].”

She was the first of many women and men to voice their concerns and tell their stories of sexual assault at a forum at the university Wednesday.

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Liveblog: Carleton forum on sexual assault

November 10, 2009

By Paul Moore

moore-assaultA task force is set to continue the dialogue on gender-based violence at Carleton University.

The Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre in conjunction with the Womyn’s Centre and Carleton’s Graduate Student Association have joined to host the forum. The dialogue is happening in the atrium at the University Centre and will include guest speakers, as well as conversation with concerned Carleton students.

This, after a Carleton student was sexually assaulted on campus three years ago.

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