Video: Hartwells Body Smart on Winter Running

November 24, 2009

Chris Ferguson and Britt Harvey ask Running Room’s Jeff Dodds about
running in the winter


Local environmental group rides high on support from donors

November 24, 2009

By Chris Ferguson

An exquisitely organic and second-hand table setting at Otesha's Sunday night dinner. Photo: Adam Hooper

The tables were set for Sunday afternoon tea at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall on Laurier Avenue East; each one decorated with fancy, mismatched china, hand-sewn cloth napkins made from discarded material and baskets full of organic vegan cranberry scones.

Several hundred people turned out for Organic Affair, an event put on by a local youth-run charity organization called the Otesha project Sunday night.

The organization arranges for volunteers to bike around Canada and put on theatre performances along the way, mostly for local students.

Otesha’s messages – eat locally, grow your own garden, bike to school, reduce, reuse and recycle – may not seem new, but development director Jennifer Valberg said Otesha’s presentations are a reminder of the small things people can do to make a difference. Read the rest of this entry »

Bike “loyalist” pedals through the winter

November 17, 2009

By Chris Ferguson


Geoff Vance "loyal cyclist". Photo courtesy of: Geoff Vance

The air is a bit thinner, the roads a tad narrower and the motorists a touch more impatient. There’s also the slush factor. But for local bike shop employee and self-described “loyal cyclist” Geoff Vance, it’s just another day.


The Peterborough native arrived in Ottawa after five years cycling through rough Atlantic winters in Halifax. He’s still going strong, in all four seasons.

His motivations are both philosophical and practical.

“I firmly believe that bikes are here to stay on the road,” he said. “If they were to go away for a season, then people would get used to not driving with cyclists.” Having a “constant presence” of bikes on the road is important to remind motorists to share the roads. Read the rest of this entry »

Walking enthusiasts hope Lansdowne vote will encourage residents to get active

November 17, 2009

By Mark Brownlee

Lansdowne Live Concept Drawing. Photo: Lansdowne Live! Entertainment


Long before last night’s council vote on Lansdowne Park, when Ottawa still had a football team, Phil Marsh was sure the space had the potential to help residents get active through walking.

“I remember on game days, when the CFL was here, a couple of times seeing people parking on Main [located on the other side of the Rideau Canal] and walking that three or four kilometers,” said the regional manager of the Running Room on Bank Street, a store that sells merchandise for both runners and walkers.

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Pictures and story: Ottawa Orienteering Club

November 10, 2009

Story and pictures by Kim Mackrael. Pictures are available in a slide-show.


Noah Robin shook his shoulders back and forth until the gold bell around his neck rang softly.

“It’s so I don’t get lost,” he announced, stepping gingerly around a muddy trail.

Armed with a detailed topographical map and a compass, orienteers like Noah jump over streams and slide down rock faces to reach the bright orange and white flags that signal control points. The goal for the racers is to find each hidden control and make it back to the finish line. The meet was the last of the fall season for the Ottawa club.

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