Ideological tussle over child care as province moves to full-day kindergarten

December 1, 2009

By Teghan Beaudette


Daycare kids. Photo: Tanya Springer



Plans to implement full-day learning programs for four and five year-olds in Ontario are moving ahead despite a heated debate between early childhood researchers and the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada about who should be caring for Canada’s children.

Ottawa school boards released a preliminary report with a list of schools to be considered for full-day kindergarten programs Tuesday—the first step towards realizing the McGuinty government’s long promised full-day learning plan.

The plan – which would see kindergarten programs extended from the current half-day – aims to improve reading, writing and math skills for four and five year olds and smooth the transition to Grade 1.

The full day learning program was harshly criticized this week by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC), who released a report advising that the program would cost taxpayers billions at a time when the province is running a record deficit.

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New Canadians hope to save local school from closure

November 24, 2009

By Meghan Potkins

Grade 9 Rideau High School student Alec Crete hopes he won’t have to change schools next September.

“I don’t want to have to start all over again. You know when you come to a new school and everything… I don’t want to do that at another school,” he said.

Parents and students whose schools are being considered for closure in the Ottawa-Carleton school district will have a second chance to express their concerns Wednesday night following a public meeting on Monday.

The school closure recommendations were raised in a school board review last month as a cost-cutting measure, and target schools with lower enrolment levels.

Rideau High School is on the list for possible closures along with two Merivale-area elementary schools.
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Pricey presents: Top toys have parents choosing gifts carefully

November 17, 2009

The Playmobil Research Submarine is on the Canadian Toy Testing Council's list for kids aged four-years and up. It retails at about $50. Photo: Paul Moore

By Paul Moore

The holidays may be weeks away, but Janice Mones has already made her shopping list and checked it twice.

She spent part of Monday evening in the Billings Bridge Shopping Centre, looking for presents to buy for her son, eight, and daughter, six.

“I’m trying to get all my shopping done early this year,” she said with a smile.

Mones, who works at a local grocery store, has also set a Christmas budget.

“It’s a little tighter this year,” she said. “It’s not as though we’re not going to get the kids any presents. Christmas is still going to come at our house … I’m just thinking a little more about how much I spend.”
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Students show their support for Olympic heroes

November 10, 2009

By Veronica Rodriguez

518Students at Elgin Street Public School in Ottawa showed their support for the upcoming winter games on Tuesday afternoon by signing an Olympic flag that will make its way to Vancouver in 2010. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty will take the flag, signed by 30 excited students, with him to the athlete’s village in February.

“By signing this flag you are telling our athletes that you are behind them, and that you want them to win,” said Yasir Naqvi, MPP of Ottawa Centre. A school from each riding in Ottawa has been selected to sign the flag.

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Pictures: Students sign flag for Olympics

November 10, 2009

Pictures by Veronica Rodriguez.

Students at Elgin Street Public School signed this Canadian flag today. The flag, a show of support for Canada’s athletes, will be displayed in the Olympic and Paralympic Village in Vancouver, B.C.


Jim Watson, Ontario Minister of Public Affairs and Housing, and Yasiq Naqvi, Ottawa Centre MPP, help students sign the flag.

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