Would you pass a Canadian citizenship test?

By Kim Mackrael

Immigrants between the ages of 18 and 54 must take a test about citizenship, geography and history to become Canadian citizens. The questions are based on the Canadian citizenship guide, which applicants are told to study before taking the test.

Last week, the federal government released a new guide called Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.

Read the guide online, and then take this sample test created by Hartwells. You must get a mark of at least 12 out of 20 to pass. Some of the questions may be tough, but all of the answers are in the new guide.

Good luck!

1. Who are Canada’s aboriginal peoples?
a. Inuit, Metis, Huron
b. Algonquin, Mohawk, Iroquois
c. Inuit, Metis, First Nations
d. Indian, Inuit, Huron

2. What year did the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms become entrenched in the Constitution?
a. 1980
b. 1982
c. 1984
d. 1986

3. Who are Canada’s three founding peoples?
a. Inuit, Metis, First Nations
b. English, French, Aboriginal
c. Algonquin, Mohawk, Iroquois
d. British, French, American

4. The Canadian government placed many aboriginal children in residential schools to educate and assimilate them into mainstream society. When were the last residential schools closed?
a. 1860
b. 1890
c. 1940
d. 1980

5. What percentage of Aboriginal people in Canada are Inuit?
a. 4 per cent
b. 12 per cent
c. 20 per cent
d. 36 per cent

6. Which of the following provinces is/are officially bilingual?
a. Ontario
b. Quebec
c. New Brunswick
d. All of the above

7. What is the largest religious affiliation in Canada?
a. Judaism
b. Roman Catholic
c. Protestant
d. Muslim

8. Who were the first Europeans to reach Canada?
a. Vikings from Iceland
b. Portuguese explorers
c. Explorers from France led by Jacques Cartier
d. British sailors led by John Cabot

9. How long did the Quebec City colony battle Iroquois nations before the two signed a peace agreement?
a. 10 years
b. 100 years
c. 200 years
d. 250 years

10. During which decade did the United Empire Loyalists begin to settle in Canada?
a. 1700
b. 1730
c. 1750
d. 1770

11. Which province established the first representative assembly in Canada?
a. Nova Scotia
b. British Columbia
c. Ontario
d. Quebec

12. What prompted the war of 1812?
a. Americans resented British interference with their shipping
b. Americans wanted revenge after the British burned down the White House
c. Reformers in Upper and Lower Canada wanted to join the United States
d. The French of Lower Canada wanted their own nation

13. What was the most recent province to join Canada?
a. Prince Edward Island
b. British Columbia
c. Newfoundland and Labrador
d. Saskatchewan

14. Who was Canada’s first Prime Minister?
a. William Lyon Mackenzie King
b. John Abbott
c. Wilfred Laurier
d. John A. Macdonald

15. When did Canadian women first get the right to vote?
a. 1917
b. 1927
c. 1937
d. 1947

16. What percentage of Canadians served in the military during the Second World War?
a. 0.5 per cent
b. 5 per cent
c. 10 per cent
d. 20 per cent

17. Who were the most recent Canadians to be granted the right to vote?
a. Japanese Canadians
b. Austro-Hungarian Canadians
c. Aboriginal Canadians
d. Polish Canadians

18. Who is Canada’s Head of State?
a. The Governor General
b. The Queen
c. The Prime Minister
d. The Auditor General

19. What is Canada’s most popular spectator sport?
a. Televised Poker
b. Curling
c. Lacrosse
d. Hockey

20. Who/what are the Canadian Rangers?
a. Part of the Canadian Forces Reserves which patrols the north to protect Canadian sovereignty
b. A government-funded group that maintains Canadian forests and studies remote ecosystems
c. A fleet of Canadian airplanes that perform high-risk rescues off Canada’s coasts
d. A recreational and outdoors club for young Canadians

1. C, 2. B, 3. B, 4. D, 5. A, 6. C, 7. B, 8. A, 9. B, 10. D, 11. A, 12. A, 13. C, 14. D, 15. A, 16. C, 17. C, 18. B, 19. D, 20. A


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