Students show their support for Olympic heroes

By Veronica Rodriguez

518Students at Elgin Street Public School in Ottawa showed their support for the upcoming winter games on Tuesday afternoon by signing an Olympic flag that will make its way to Vancouver in 2010. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty will take the flag, signed by 30 excited students, with him to the athlete’s village in February.

“By signing this flag you are telling our athletes that you are behind them, and that you want them to win,” said Yasir Naqvi, MPP of Ottawa Centre. A school from each riding in Ottawa has been selected to sign the flag.

Jim Watson, Ontario’s minister of municipal affairs and MPP for Ottawa West-Nepean, asked students if they knew what was going to happen in February. The crowd laughed when a student shouted “another election.”

In February 2010, “the torch will be coming here,” Watson said.

Students crowded around the flag so they could all sign it.

“I can’t wait until the Olympics, so I can see the flag on TV, and I can show my name to my friends,” said Mohammad Hussein, 12.

Students in Cara Lipsett’s grade five and six class have been studying the history of the Games. Both MPPs tested students’ knowledge of what they had learned, like which cities hosted the games in the past and how many winter games the country has participated in.

“I’m impressed with some of your answers, your teacher has instructed you well,” said Watson.

“This will remind Canadian athletes that students are in their corner, supporting their efforts and celebrating Canadian pride.” said Lipsett. “Through this opportunity, students have learned about Canadian history and felt included in a national event.”


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